Wet ‘n’ Wild – Bronzer (Bikini Contest) Review

I couldn’t help myself. 🙈 I was walking past and I couldn’t resist. 

This particular shade would work best on someone with medium/olive skin tones. It has reddish undertones so it looks unnatural on my pale skin. The lighter colour seemed a bit too light for my liking hence me buying this one.

It has a slight shimmer which I absolutely love and if I apply it with a light hand, I’m able to pull it off. Although, to be honest, I will probably only use it as a blusher.

It’s very pigmented so a light hand is essential. That’s a good point though. Your product is going to last if you only need a small amount. 

Unfortunately the packaging isn’t sturdy. The lid doesn’t click in place – it’s quite loose. Not sure this is one to keep in your makeup bag. 

I might just pop back and get the lighter shade. Definitely one to buy though – it’s a bargain. Quality product (if you exclude the packaging!)


Evian – Facial Spray

Okay, so when I bought this, I was thinking this will be great on holiday or in Ramadan (when fasting) and your skin is so dehydrated. When I got home – I read the ingredients and it is literally a can of water. 💦 

No word of a lie – just water! Ha! 🤦‍♀️

However, saying that, the reviews are good. A spray prior to makeup application promises to hydrate skin or if your skin needs refreshing during the day. It also promises to ‘fix’ your makeup so acts like a setting spray. I’m not so sure about that part! 

Nikkie (the Youtuber) recently used it in one of her videos prior to makeup application. She also used it to spray her Beauty Blender. I suppose it saves you going to the sink.🚰

I’m taking it on holiday with me and I’ll update you if it is any good! ✈️

Feel free to share your experience if you have used it before. ❤️