Wet ‘n’ Wild – Bronzer (Bikini Contest) Review

I couldn’t help myself. 🙈 I was walking past and I couldn’t resist. 

This particular shade would work best on someone with medium/olive skin tones. It has reddish undertones so it looks unnatural on my pale skin. The lighter colour seemed a bit too light for my liking hence me buying this one.

It has a slight shimmer which I absolutely love and if I apply it with a light hand, I’m able to pull it off. Although, to be honest, I will probably only use it as a blusher.

It’s very pigmented so a light hand is essential. That’s a good point though. Your product is going to last if you only need a small amount. 

Unfortunately the packaging isn’t sturdy. The lid doesn’t click in place – it’s quite loose. Not sure this is one to keep in your makeup bag. 

I might just pop back and get the lighter shade. Definitely one to buy though – it’s a bargain. Quality product (if you exclude the packaging!)


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