R E V I E W Anastasia Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

This limited edition palette features six metallic powder highlighters for ‘intense luminosity’.

I bought this a while back but I really wanted to have a good play around with it before sharing my views. My initial thoughts were this palette is nothing like the earlier Glow Kits. It’s IN-YOUR-FACE sparkle and if you’re not that kind of girl, I’ll be completely honest, this palette isn’t for you.

In comparison to her earlier Glow Kits, the colours in this palette aren’t as smooth. Expect to see a lot more shimmer and glitter.

You don’t have to stick to your cheekbones. You can use the highlighters on your eyes, face and body. You can also dampen your brush either with water or setting spray and apply. This will intensify the colour making that highlighter stand out even more.

Apart from one colour (Forever Lit), this palette is more warm toned so might not be great for lighter skin tones.

I enjoy using the shade ‘Forever Lit’ in the corner of my eyes to give that wide-eyed effect. I’m half asleep in the mornings, so this makes me look a little more fresh and awake!

It’s a gorgeous palette with lovely shades but the only downside is that it doesn’t have a mirror. When you pay so much for a palette, you expect it to have a mirror.

It’s definitely one to buy if you want more from your highlighter. I would highly recommend it.