GOSH – Eyebrow Pencil Review

GOSH – Eyebrow Pencil (Grey Brown)

I’ve never really tried anything from this brand purely based on the fact I’ve not read enough reviews about their products. 

However, I decided to try their eyebrow pencil seeing as my ABH one is all used up! 

I’ll start with a positive comment – and that’s the colour. A lot of eyebrow pencils tend to be a reddish brown. I hate that because the colour is so unnatural. This shade is perfect for me. No red tones whatsoever. 

There are only three colours to choose from, soft black, brown and grey brown which is the one I have. 

It also comes with a spoolie at the end similar to the ABH eyebrow pencil.

So let’s talk about the negative aspect and that’s how soft the pencil is. An eyebrow pencil needs to be firm and pigmented. This pencil is pigmented so there are no issues getting the colour on your brows but because it’s so soft, I just couldn’t work with it. It felt more like an eye pencil and to be perfectly honest, I’ve resorted to using it on top of my eye lids. 

I like to do thin strokes following the direction of my hair – but it’s impossible to do as the pencil doesn’t stay sharp for very long as it’s so soft. 

If you read the reviews, they’re positive – people have had a good experience but unfortunately this product didn’t work for me. I won’t be buying it again. 


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