GOSH – Eyebrow Pencil Review

GOSH – Eyebrow Pencil (Grey Brown)

I’ve never really tried anything from this brand purely based on the fact I’ve not read enough reviews about their products. 

However, I decided to try their eyebrow pencil seeing as my ABH one is all used up! 

I’ll start with a positive comment – and that’s the colour. A lot of eyebrow pencils tend to be a reddish brown. I hate that because the colour is so unnatural. This shade is perfect for me. No red tones whatsoever. 

There are only three colours to choose from, soft black, brown and grey brown which is the one I have. 

It also comes with a spoolie at the end similar to the ABH eyebrow pencil.

So let’s talk about the negative aspect and that’s how soft the pencil is. An eyebrow pencil needs to be firm and pigmented. This pencil is pigmented so there are no issues getting the colour on your brows but because it’s so soft, I just couldn’t work with it. It felt more like an eye pencil and to be perfectly honest, I’ve resorted to using it on top of my eye lids. 

I like to do thin strokes following the direction of my hair – but it’s impossible to do as the pencil doesn’t stay sharp for very long as it’s so soft. 

If you read the reviews, they’re positive – people have had a good experience but unfortunately this product didn’t work for me. I won’t be buying it again. 


Evian Facial Spray 

Remember this? It’s the Evian Facial Spray.

I know I was mocking it a little 😬 but in Ramadan it has proved to be quite useful. Even if you’re not fasting – this is a great product. You can take it to the gym, while having a run or just pop it into your bag and spritz whenever you need to.  

Ok let’s keep it real – this is not a setting spray guys. As much as it likes to think it is, it’s not. It’s not going to moisturise your skin. It is a bottle that sprays a mist of water. 

Saying that, it’s perfect for when you’ve just come from outside feeling like your skin is melting. Doha temperatures are soaring right now. 🔥🌞

It cools my face down instantly. Yes, I know, a splash of water can do the same thing. 🙈💦

BUT if you’re wearing makeup or you’re out and about, you can spray this onto your face without your makeup getting ruined. 

Would I buy it again? Yes – I might do but next Ramadan. 🙂 

Moisturisers for DRY SKIN – Review

If you’ve been following my page, you know that I am on a quest to find a good moisturiser for dry skin. I want something that will last throughout the day, not just a couple of hours. So here is a quick review of the four that I’ve tried. 

Boots Botanic’s Organic Hydrating Cream

Let’s start with the first cream I used, which benefitted my skin the most. 

It’s not a ‘creamy’ cream as such – it’s more of a thick consistency, which soon changes as you begin to rub it into your hands. It melts and becomes easier to manage. Even though it’s thick, it’s not greasy in the slightest. It absorbs into the skin after a few minutes. 

I liked the floral scent but I know many reviewers said they found the smell off-putting. 

I’ll be honest – my skin greatly improved whilst using this cream. I found my skin felt softer, more hydrated and generally less red. 

I would recommend this to anyone with normal to dry skin. I have a few dry patches on my face that are drier than normal and this wasn’t rich enough to keep those patches hydrated for long, which was disappointing because I enjoyed using this cream.

Saying that – I would definitely buy this again as I feel it’s the only cream that has helped my skin get back to some sort of ‘normal’. Plus it’s 81% organic which makes me feel good about using it. 

Seba Med Moisturising Face Cream 

Okay – I need to talk about the scent first. It’s strong and it smells like aftershave – think ‘Old Spice’! The smell, for me, was enough to stop me from using it but I continued in the hope that it would help me. 

This isn’t an expensive cream. It’s affordable and has good reviews, which led me to buy it. 

The texture is creamy – exactly what you would expect from a moisturiser for dry skin. It sinks into the skin nicely not leaving a greasy film on the face.

Does it hydrate? No. Maybe for the first hour but I would be lying if I said it kept my skin moisturised for longer. 

This was such a quick buy – I was walking past and it caught my eye. I quickly read some reviews online and bought it. I remembered a friend using their products due to them being gentle on the skin so I thought I would give it a go due to my own skin’s sensitivity issues!

Unfortunately, it’s not one I would recommend or buy again. 

Nuxe 24 Hour Soothing and Moisturing Cream

Before I go on, I need to point out that everyone’s skin reacts differently to different products. My skin may have a reaction but someone else with the same skin type, as me, may not.

My skin reacted horribly to this cream. Regrettably, I continued to apply it thinking it was down to me fasting and the intense heat here in Doha! 

It left bright red patches on my face and those patches were dry beyond belief. I tried to cover the redness with foundation which was fine but my skin was noticeably flakier with foundation on. It was a bit of a nightmare, more so because I felt I was at a real turning point with my skin. This just threw me back to square one again. 

The smell was very similar to the Seba Med cream. (That aftershave smell) The consistency was thick but easy to apply. 

I was given this as a sample to try – I’m not sure I would have bought it prior to receiving the sample, as there aren’t many reviews for it.

It didn’t work for me and it’s not one I would recommend. 

Nivea Creme

Last but by no means least, it’s the cream that most people have worn at one point or another. I’m not sure about you but we’ve grown up using this cream. My Mum loved it and I can see why. 

It’s a thick cream and takes a while to be massaged into the skin. I find a few drops of facial oil added to the cream help with application. 

Okay – if you have oily skin, you can avert your eyes, as this is a big pot of grease. That actually makes it sound disgusting but please continue reading, as this grease pot is actually quite good. 

I was panicking about my red skin and was wondering whether to rush out and buy the Botanics cream again when I saw this. I grabbed it as a temporary measure until I could find something better. Plus I needed something rich to nourish my parched skin. 

I haven’t used it for years but I’m so glad it’s made a reappearance in my life. It works best as a night cream. I massage it in – which leaves my face quite shiny but by morning time, my skin feels soft and hydrated.

During the day – it’s more of a pain so I’ve been blotting my face with a tissue before leaving the house. It kills the shine so I don’t look like an oily mess. 

There is a slight scent to it but nothing overpowering. 

Honestly – this has, literally, saved my skin. My redness has died down and the dry patches feel more moisturised. 

Like I said, this is a temporary measure but I may keep the cream for night time use only. 

Definitely one I recommend for anyone with dry to very dry skin. 

Let me know what moisturiser you’re using especially if you have dry skin.