What your BROWS say about you!

I have naturally thin/sparse brows and funnily enough, I am quite indecisive! 🙈

What’s your brow and more importantly, did they get it right? 🤔


Untamed Brows
Like your burly brows, you like to run wild. You are not a person who colors inside the lines and you most definitely cannot be bothered to tweeze your brows. And with full, bold brows being all the rage right now, why should you? You prefer to live life on your own terms and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Curved Brows
In addition to having a creative mind, you are quite the savvy businesswoman! And as if that wasn’t enough, studies have shown that your brows signify trustworthiness, so it’s likely that you’re that friend everyone counts on when things get a little rough.

Naturally Thick Brows
Confidence is not an issue for you, especially since you were born with the trendiest brows ever! Just like your brows, you’re quite the bold, assertive one. 

Straight Brows
You fall more on the logical and intellectual side of things, and aren’t one for impulsive, irrational decisions. You have your daily routines — from makeup to meals — down to a science. 

Arched Brows
You’re a total dreamer and the sensitive one in your group. That being said, you like to keep details of your life private and have a stubborn streak about you. 

Thin Brows
Oh, you indecisive one! Your sparse brows tell us you have a rough time making decisions and like to enlist the opinions of others before taking a side on anything. 

(Taken from http://www.makeup.com)


Are you wearing sunscreen?

Living in a hot climate, it’s even more essential to protect our skin from the sun. However, even if you don’t live in a hot climate, it doesn’t mean the following won’t apply to you.

I can’t stress the importance of sunscreen enough. It needs to be a fundamental part of our skincare routine. We need to get into the habit of wearing it. 

Sunburn, premature aging and skin cancer are just some of the harmful effects. 

WHAT IS SPF? (Sun Protection Factor)

In a nutshell, it’s protection for your skin against the sun’s harmful rays. That’s UVA and UVB rays. 

The UVB rays are the ones where we see the damage straightaway – the redness/burns. The UVA rays are the ones that slowly work away at our skin and we don’t see the effects until it’s too late. 

BROAD SPECTRUM sunscreen protects against both these rays. Ensure you see this on the label before you buy. 


Before you pop on anything, pop on some sunscreen. You need to be looking at an SPF of at least 20. Personally, I use SPF30 every day and SPF50 if I plan on being out in the sun for a long period of time. 

However, the difference between SPF30 and SPF50 is only a couple of percent, in terms of protection. 


Unless you’re in a room with no windows all day, you still need to apply sunscreen, as UVA goes through glass.  


Unfortunately, that’s not true. Dermatologists recommend to use a teaspoon of sunscreen and that’s just for the face, neck and ears! That’s a lot of product. Even if your foundation does have SPF, it’s unlikely you would use a teaspoon every day. 

I know that sounds like a lot but you don’t get the protection without applying that amount. A lot of the sunburn we experience is down to the fact we haven’t applied our sunscreen properly.

I pop half the amount on first and make sure it’s all soaked in and then apply the second half. 

I am currently using the Nivea Protect and Moisture sunscreen but there are loads out there. A lot of the highend brands also sell SPF creams to be worn under makeup. 

I know most people are not aware about the amount we should be applying so I really hope this post has been helpful.

Remember – Stay Protected. Wear Sunscreen. 

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How To Spot Fake Makeup

What’s pushed me to write this post is the increasing number of Facebook pages selling fake high-end makeup for ridiculously low prices. It infuriates me that people are being made to believe these products are the real deal. I’m not going to name and shame but I’m going to tell you guys how to establish the real from the fake. 9 times out of 10 these deals are phony. In your heart of hearts you probably already know. Trust that feeling. Trust your gut. 

These ‘offers’ might sound like a great deal but seriously guys, it’s not worth it. These products are usually made in dirty factories. Products have been known to contain urine, YES, URINE – but that’s not all. There have been traces of lead, rat poison and cyanide found in some products. It’s crazy. These products will be going onto your face leaving your skin open to horrible reactions. These people do not care about whether their products are SAFE or not. It’s all about making money. 

The way to remember is thinking about the three P’s. 

1. Packaging – inspect the packaging. Does the font look different? Is the packaging good quality? Sometimes fake palettes come with sponge tipped applicators. These are fake. A high end product would not come with these applicators. Does the product fit properly in the box? Is the product labeled correctly? 

2. PRICE – fake products usually get sold in bulk. So, for example, if you see Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes at a quarter of the price and you can see there are 50 others available too, alarm bells should start ringing. 

3. POINT OF SALE – So many people opt to buy makeup online, which is fine but if you’re not buying from an authorised seller such as the brand itself or any other certified online department store, how do you know what you’re buying is genuine? If you see a deal on EBay or Amazon, check the reviews and see what others say as they’re notorious for having these sellers floating about. Check to see how reliable the seller is. I would definitely be wary of the Facebook pages trying to sell a whole load of products that most people struggle to get hold of, as the products are out of stock on the brand site. I’m referring to the Kylie Lip Kits. Makes you think doesn’t it? 

They’re the main points but if you have the product in front of you – the best way is to swatch like crazy. Most fakes will be poor in terms of pigmentation. The colours will swipe on chalky or faint. Brushes will be rough to the touch. Some can have a strong smell of chemicals. 

I admit, I look at some fakes and I think they look blooming good – you can barely tell the difference. Look closer – there will be. You just need to know what you’re looking for. My personal advice is to only buy makeup from authorised websites or certified stores. If you wish to buy from anywhere else, make sure you research well. 

SHARE this with your friends. It’s important we ALL know what to look out for. 

How To Control Shine

Before I go on, I want to point out if you do have oily skin, it’s not something that can be changed unfortunately – it is genetic. I know a lot of products make huge promises but the results are all temporary. It’s not all doom and gloom though – it’s all about finding the right products to control shine as opposed to trying to change your skin type. It’s a case of trial and error as everyone reacts differently to products. 

Here are my tips to control shine: 

1 – Avoid creamy cleansers, opt for a gentle FACIAL WASH instead. The ingredient you need to keep an eye out for is Salicylic Acid. This is what helps break down excess oil. 

2 – EXFOLIATE – this will remove dead skin cells and excess oil from your face. Remember not to overdo it as the skin can get confused and start producing more oil. Don’t forget about that essential ingredient ‘Salicylic Acid’.  

3 – Use a CLAY MASK to soak up excess oil and any impurities. 

4 – A good MATTIFYING PRIMER is essential in helping to reduce shine. The same goes for your foundation. Ensure it’s main purpose is to keep your skin looking matte. 

5 – Avoid heavy, rich creams day or night. Switch to a LOTION or a LIGHTWEIGHT MOISTURISER. The ingredients you need to look out for are Linoleic Acid and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide). These will help control shine and reduce breakouts. 

6 – BLOTTING is better than touching up with powder. Powder is okay to use once or twice throughout the day but anymore than that can leave you looking ‘cakey’ and even worse clog pores. 

7 – A mattifying SETTING SPRAY can not only lock in your makeup but help to lock in shine too. 

8 – Certain FOODS can make oily skin worse. Try cutting down on sugar and dairy products, yes, dairy products, which can increase oil production. Increase your water intake to flush out those toxins. 

What is the BEST foundation for Dry Skin? 

If you have dry skin – this is the post for you. 

Honestly, I can’t believe how difficult it is to find a good foundation suited to dry skin but I’ve searched the net, read millions of reviews (well it definitely felt like that) and a few from my own personal experience and I bring you 7 foundations that won’t cling to your dry patches. A pain I know all too well. 

The foundations I’ve listed below are aimed at anyone with predominantly dry skin. 

There is a mix of high-street and high-end so something to suit everyone’s budget.

Remember to always try before you buy ladies. Testers are always available. 

1. Bourjois – Healthy Mix Serum Foundation


👍 Lightweight 👍 Hydrating

👎 Only 8 shades

2. Rimmel – Lasting Finish Foundation


👍 Long-lasting 👍 Sweatproof

👎 Limited shade range for darker skin tones

3. Makeup Forever – Pan Stick Foundation 


👎 Only 11 shades

4. Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation


👍 Natural Finish 👍 40 shades

5. Bare Minerals – Pure Brightening Serum Foundation 


👍 SPF20 👍Silicone/Oil/Fragrance Free 👍 Good Shade Selection

6. Bare Minerals – Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Cream


👍 Hydrating 👍 16 shades 

7. Chanel – Vitalumiere Foundation


👎 Poor shade selection 

Hopefully this lists gives you a helping hand in choosing the right foundation for you. 

Happy shopping ladies! ❤️

What Is The Best Foundation For Oily Skin?

This is a question I get asked all the time so I wanted to help all those who feel they struggle when it comes to choosing the right foundation.

I’ve narrowed the search down for you. This is a list of foundations I feel are best for oily skin – this is from personal experience and lots of research. (This list won’t include brands on the BDS list)

As always, I recommend trying foundations out first (plus remember to check the colour in daylight as opposed to under the department store lights) or if you can, try obtaining a sample. It gives you a chance to try before you buy especially with more expensive foundations. The last thing you want is to fork out all that cash and find it isn’t the right product for you. 

I’ve got a mixture of high street and high-end products – whatever works for your budget. 

1. Rimmel – Stay Matte Foundation


👍 Oil Free 👍Lightweight 👍Shine Control.

👎 Poor colour selection 

2. No. 7 – Beautifully Matte


👍 Oil Free 👍 SPF15 👍 Good Coverage 👍 Estée Lauder Double Wear Dupe

👎 Poor shade range for darker skin tones

3. Benefit – Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation


👍SPF 25 👍 Oil Free

👎 Poor colour selection for darker skin tones 

4. Bare Minerals – Matte Foundation


👍 Oil/Talc Free 👍 Mineral Based 👍 SPF15 👍 Good Colour Selection 

5. Makeup Forever – Mat Velvet + Foundation


👍 Good shade range 👍Oil Free

👍 Natural Finish

6. Stila – Stay All Day Foundation


👍 Oil Free 👍 Fragrance Free 

👎 Poor colour selection for lighter skin tones

7. NARS – All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation


👍 Long Lasting 👍 Good Shade Range 👍 Lightweight

It’s always difficult looking for the right foundation so I hope this list helps in making things a tad bit easier. 

For all the dry skin ladies – I haven’t left you out. I will be posting a foundation list very soon! 

Happy shopping ! 💋

Huda Beauty Textured Shadows or Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance Palette?

To buy or not to buy? That is the question. 🤔

Both palettes are so pretty to look at and have similar colours. Those pinkish and reddish tones are stunning. 😍 Granted – those colours are not everyone’s cup of tea but I think there are so many looks that can be created using the different shades. 

As you know, before I buy makeup, (majority of the time) I read reviews like crazy. To break it down, the general consensus seems to be that Huda has better colour options but ABH beats her, hands down, with the quality of her eyeshadows.

ABH has more matte shades, 11 to be precise and 3 shimmery shades. Huda has 10 matte shades, 2 pearl shades and 6 of those ‘3D Metal’ shades. 

Most reviewers felt the Huda palette is more exciting in terms of variety and felt the ABH palette was somewhat uninspiring. However, there were many reviews commenting on the lack of pigmentation of Huda’s matte shades and how you are only able to apply the metal shades with your fingers. A top blogger mentioned some of the metal shades creased quite badly. 

Watch this space. I’ll be making my decision soon. 

Have you bought either of these palettes? Share your thoughts. 

Help. Me. Decide. 🙏❤️

Ethical Brands

This is a picture of all the ethical brands that have NO known ties to Israel. This list is by no means exhaustive. These are the main ones. The new or very small companies can safely be assumed to have no links to Israel or a quick Google Search can give you your answer. 

When you first start to boycott, it will be tough especially if you have been using certain products for a while. The hardest products for me to let go of was L’Oréal mascaras and the Lancôme Hypnose mascara but whenever it began to bother me, I took a step back and looked at the bigger picture. That picture puts everything in perspective.

I refuse to support genocide. I refuse to watch videos of children being hurt and killed knowing that I have played a part in it. It might sound extreme but this is reality. 

💔 Start slow and begin by choosing the product you use the most and try finding an alternative.

(You’re welcome to message me and I can help you find another product) 

💔 If you have products that are on the boycott list, don’t throw them away. Finish them off before you buy something else. 

💔 S P R E A D – T H E – W O R D

Picture Credit: http://www.theblushinggiraffe.com

BDS List

A few people have asked me for the list of makeup companies to boycott due to their involvement with Israel. 

Brace yourselves – it is quite an extensive list. The big brands are L’Oréal and Estée Lauder. They are are umbrella companies with lots of other smaller companies falling under them.

If you haven’t already seen the list, you’re in for a little shock. However, I can assure you there are other brands out there that are just as good, if not better. 

I am going to post another list of all the ethical brands if you choose to boycott, so you’re aware of the alternatives and to soften the blow! 🤗


Companies to Boycott

Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder brands:

* Aveda

* Coach cosmetics

* Smashbox

* Tom Ford

* Aramis

* Bumble and Bumble

* Aerin

* American Beauty

* Clinique

* Bobbi Brown

* Darphin

* Donna Karan

* Ermenegildo Zegna

* Flirt!

* Goodskin Labs

* Grassroots Research Labs

* Jo Malone

* Kiton

* La Mer

* Lab series skincare for men


* Michael Kors


* Origins


* Prescriptives

* Tommy Hilfiger

* Tory Burch 


Revlon also owns Almay.

L’Oreal brands:

* Lancome

* Giorgio Armani Beauty

* Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

* Biotherm

* Kiehl’s

* Ralph Lauren

* Shu Uemura

* Cacharel

* Helena Rubinstein

* Clarisonic

* Diesel

* Viktor & Rolf

* Yue Sai

* Maison Martin Margiela

* Urban Decay

* Guy Laroche

* Paloma Picasso

* Vichy

* La Roche-Posay

* SkinCeuticals

* Inneov

* Rogers&Gallet

* Sanoflore

* L’Oreal Paris

* Garnier

* Maybelline New York

* Softsheen.Carson

* Essie

* The Body Shop

* L’Oreal Professionnel

* Kérastase

* Redken

* Matrix

* Pureology

* Shu Uemura Art of Hair

* Mizani

* NYX (recent acquisition)

If you want further details about the brands and their involvement with Israel, then read more at: http://artofpalestine.tumblr.com/post/93450017607/boycott-israel-cheat-sheet-cosmetics-health-and

S P R E A D – T H E – W O R D

Castor oil has numerous benefits and promoting hair-growth is one of them. The oil boosts blood circulation to the follicles, leading to faster hair growth. The oil also has omega-9 essential fatty acids that can penetrate into the pores of the skin and hair follicles. 

Many people apply it to their scalp. It can also be used to thicken and lengthen lashes. I know a few people that have used it claiming it works.

This is where my brows come in. I’m always boring you all about my brows or lack of them! Over plucking has caused some hair not to grow back. This is a common problem but I want to find a solution.


For the next three weeks I am going to apply castor oil to my brows every night. I will post the before/after pictures once I’ve completed the three weeks. I’m not holding out much hope to be honest with you but let’s hope it proves me wrong.