In Love With My Selfie Light…

I love my selfie light. I clipped it onto one of my mirrors (the stand alone kind) and used it for extra lighting. A cheap vanity mirror πŸ˜‚ but hey – it works. 

The day time is always great for lighting but as the sun sets, darkness looms and you can’t see if your eyeshadow is blended enough or if your brows have been filled correctly. That’s where this baby comes in. 

Make up done. Clip it onto your phone. Take a picture. 😎


Primark Brush Holders – Inglot Dupes

13912371_1629814327331594_3939822308779174563_n.jpgI’ve been looking to buy a brush holder and was looking to spend at least Β£15-25 (that’s around 125-150 QAR).

I’m in the UK at the moment so obviously I had to pop into Primark. πŸ™ˆI was amazed to find they had them on for Β£3.50 each. 😱 They are exactly the same as the Inglot ones. Makeup Forever also do a similar one.

They are great for traveling. It’s also a good way to keep your brushes away from dust on your dressing table.

What a bargain! If you’re in the UK – grab one.

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Stila – Stay All Day Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner

13939523_1629062847406742_6034593464944448646_nI have read so many reviews for this eyeliner so I made sure I picked it up whilst here in the UK. I’m glad I did.

Let me tell you what I loved about this liner. It’s black – yes, a brilliant bold black. It’s easy to control as it’s shaped like a pen. I have always used a brush to apply liner so it was a little strange at first. However, it didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it. It glides on the eye making it easy to apply. The thin tip allows you to create a neat, defined line. It also stays in place all day, however it’s not like the stubborn eyeliners that won’t budge when it comes to removing your makeup. A good makeup remover will take this off easily.

This is brilliant for those eyeliner virgins who feel nervous at the thought of attempting eyeliner application.

I have honestly tried so many liquid liners over the years and not really been happy with any. I think I’ve finally found a liquid liner that I like. It cost me Β£14.50 from Unfortunately they don’t deliver to Qatar. However, do and they sell it for a little cheaper. Something I discovered after I had ordered it. πŸ™„

If you’re in the UK – Boots stock the brand.

Happy shopping! ❀️

(I’ll post a swatch of the colour in the morning)

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Avene – Rich Hydrating Cream


I’m always trying out new moisturisers. My previous one was a complete and utter flop so read some reviews on this and bought it.

I have to say, although I’ve only used it twice, I can see a vast improvement in my skin. It feels smoother and more hydrated. The cream feels really light – not rich or oily. At first I wondered if it would do anything at all. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll keep you guys posted but so far so good. πŸ‘

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NARS – Radiant Creamy Concealer

13882396_1626912207621806_122028418048167173_n.jpgI always recommend this concealer and there is a reason why. It definitely lives up to all the hype surrounding it.

It comes in an array of colours – 15 to be precise so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the right shade. I’m quite pale and I find the high-street brands never have a shade light enough.

This is a medium to full coverage concealer. It’s a liquid concealer but it’s a very creamy liquid hence the name. It covers dark circles and redness extremely well and lasts the whole day. If you have extremely dry under-eyes you might not appreciate the matte finish.

Crease lines are always a problem with concealers but not with this one. Always set your concealer with powder to give it a helping hand keeping those creases away.

I definitely think this is one that’s worth the money.

Have you tried it and what are your thoughts? I would love to know. πŸ€”

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Rimmel – Day 2 Night Mascara

13892163_1626141557698871_8574714065387099086_n.jpgAs soon as I tried this little beauty, it reminded me of the LancΓ΄me Hypnose mascara, which was a favourite of mine. This is pretty much on the same level at half the price. Who doesn’t love a bargain?!

It has two wands – one lengthens and one provides volume so you can use either or both. (I used both). I don’t think I would use one without the other as I like the ‘false lash’ effect created by using both wands.

The mascara was great at separating each lash – nothing clumpy about it.

A must-have for all mascara lovers!

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