E.L.F – Lash and Brow Clear Mascara Review

This clear mascara has two ends – one for your brows and one for your lashes.

I'll be honest, I only used the lash mascara once and I wasn't overly impressed. It didn't really do much. I was more interested in the brow mascara.

When I first pulled out the wand, it had too much product on the brush. I made the mistake of applying it on my brows. Too much product all at once isn't a good idea.

It also gets quite clumpy leaving the odd blob of gel on my brows. Not a good look!

If you use brow powder/pencil on your brows, this gel tends to pick up any product on your brows changing the gel colour from clear to brown.

My brows are all over the place. They never stay put so I need something that will hold them in place. The ABH Brow Gel was perfect but I am always on the lookout for an alternative.
This just doesn't have that holding power unless you really overdo it when applying.

However, it doesn't flake or leave your brows looking white, which is a plus. If your brows aren't as stubborn as mine, this could work for you. It lasted for around 4-5 hours for me and then my brows started doing their own thing.

It's cheap and cheerful so I can see why it's popular. Unfortunately, I won't be buying it again.

*ELF products are now being sold in Superdrug.


Cetaphil – Moisturising Cream (For Face and Body) Review

I've tried so many creams to help with my dry skin so when I saw this for half price, I thought, why not?

I tried it for a couple of days and although my skin felt softer, my dry patches were still there. I didn't have much hope but I know some products take longer to kick in – so I persevered.

I do like the formula – it feels so light on the skin, like a silky serum but I felt it wasn't enough; my skin still felt tight.

One morning, I applied my usual moisturiser (Nivea) – completely forgetting I was supposed to be using Cetaphil. I then applied Cetaphil on top and this is where the magic started.

The combination of the two is the perfect formula for my skin. I continued to use the two and surprisingly my dry skin has gone, my skin feels soft and those annoying, tiny bumps on my skin have started to disappear.

The second ingredient in this product is glycerin. I've read many articles regarding people using glycerin as a moisturiser due to its ability to attract and retain moisture in the skin.

I can't stress how good it is – I've actually stopped wearing foundation because my skin looks so much better.

I am going to run out and buy a few more before I travel back. If it passes the Doha Heat Test, then it's a keeper. Obviously, intense heat and the excessive use of AC's is going to cause the skin to lose moisture causing dry skin. Sigh.

However, I have high hopes for this product and my skin. Please don't let me down Cetaphil. 🙏

☝️ UK ladies, I bought this in Superdrugs for £6.65 (on sale).

☝️This product sells in most pharmacies in Qatar.

Evian Facial SprayΒ 

Remember this? It’s the Evian Facial Spray.

I know I was mocking it a little 😬 but in Ramadan it has proved to be quite useful. Even if you’re not fasting – this is a great product. You can take it to the gym, while having a run or just pop it into your bag and spritz whenever you need to.  

Ok let’s keep it real – this is not a setting spray guys. As much as it likes to think it is, it’s not. It’s not going to moisturise your skin. It is a bottle that sprays a mist of water. 

Saying that, it’s perfect for when you’ve just come from outside feeling like your skin is melting. Doha temperatures are soaring right now. πŸ”₯🌞

It cools my face down instantly. Yes, I know, a splash of water can do the same thing. πŸ™ˆπŸ’¦

BUT if you’re wearing makeup or you’re out and about, you can spray this onto your face without your makeup getting ruined. 

Would I buy it again? Yes – I might do but next Ramadan. πŸ™‚ 

What is the key to a flawless finish?

The secret is to hold the brush nearer to the end. This allows you to apply light pressure which creates the whole diffused, blended look. 

You will naturally apply more pressure if you hold your brush like a pencil which can result in blotchy patches that are difficult to blend. 

πŸ”‘ They key to blending is a light hand and the key to a light hand is where you position your hand on your brush. 

Wet ‘n’ Wild – Bronzer (Bikini Contest) Review

I couldn’t help myself. πŸ™ˆ I was walking past and I couldn’t resist. 

This particular shade would work best on someone with medium/olive skin tones. It has reddish undertones so it looks unnatural on my pale skin. The lighter colour seemed a bit too light for my liking hence me buying this one.

It has a slight shimmer which I absolutely love and if I apply it with a light hand, I’m able to pull it off. Although, to be honest, I will probably only use it as a blusher.

It’s very pigmented so a light hand is essential. That’s a good point though. Your product is going to last if you only need a small amount. 

Unfortunately the packaging isn’t sturdy. The lid doesn’t click in place – it’s quite loose. Not sure this is one to keep in your makeup bag. 

I might just pop back and get the lighter shade. Definitely one to buy though – it’s a bargain. Quality product (if you exclude the packaging!)

Inglot – Matte Lipstick 405 Review

I chose this because the sales lady said this was one of their best sellers so I was eager to try it. I fell in love with the colour. 

Firstly I want to say I love Inglot’s lipstick packaging. They’re not an expensive brand but their packaging screams ‘quality’. It’s not a cheap bit of plastic. It’s glossy, it’s black, it’s chic AND the lid clicks into place. I really hate it when a lid comes off easily. Those lipsticks need to stay away from handbags. 

I think this is one of those colours that would suit most skin tones. It’s a ‘safe’ shade to go for. It’s an everyday colour. If your skin tone is medium to dark, then you’re looking at more of a nude/natural finish. 

If, like me, you suffer from dry lips, then ensure you exfoliate prior to popping this on as it will just catch those dry bits and make them stand out. Not a good look. 

It is extremely pigmented but it just doesn’t last as long as I would like. The colour starts to fade where your lips meet. Maybe I lick my lips too much but eating and drinking only adds to the problem. I suppose you can keep it in your handbag and touch up as and when but I’m lazy. I want my lipstick to last that bit longer. Mine started to fade within an hour of wearing it.

Once it’s on, it doesn’t dry out your lips like some other matte lipsticks do. It contains Vitamin E, Macadamia Oil and Avocado Oil, which are obviously meant to help in that department, however I found I had to wear a balm prior to application.

It’s a budget friendly lipstick for everyday wear but be prepared to reapply. 

How To Control Shine

Before I go on, I want to point out if you do have oily skin, it’s not something that can be changed unfortunately – it is genetic. I know a lot of products make huge promises but the results are all temporary. It’s not all doom and gloom though – it’s all about finding the right products to control shine as opposed to trying to change your skin type. It’s a case of trial and error as everyone reacts differently to products. 

Here are my tips to control shine: 

1 – Avoid creamy cleansers, opt for a gentle FACIAL WASH instead. The ingredient you need to keep an eye out for is Salicylic Acid. This is what helps break down excess oil. 

2 – EXFOLIATE – this will remove dead skin cells and excess oil from your face. Remember not to overdo it as the skin can get confused and start producing more oil. Don’t forget about that essential ingredient ‘Salicylic Acid’.  

3 – Use a CLAY MASK to soak up excess oil and any impurities. 

4 – A good MATTIFYING PRIMER is essential in helping to reduce shine. The same goes for your foundation. Ensure it’s main purpose is to keep your skin looking matte. 

5 – Avoid heavy, rich creams day or night. Switch to a LOTION or a LIGHTWEIGHT MOISTURISER. The ingredients you need to look out for are Linoleic Acid and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide). These will help control shine and reduce breakouts. 

6 – BLOTTING is better than touching up with powder. Powder is okay to use once or twice throughout the day but anymore than that can leave you looking ‘cakey’ and even worse clog pores. 

7 – A mattifying SETTING SPRAY can not only lock in your makeup but help to lock in shine too. 

8 – Certain FOODS can make oily skin worse. Try cutting down on sugar and dairy products, yes, dairy products, which can increase oil production. Increase your water intake to flush out those toxins. 

In Love With My Selfie Light…

I love my selfie light. I clipped it onto one of my mirrors (the stand alone kind) and used it for extra lighting. A cheap vanity mirror πŸ˜‚ but hey – it works. 

The day time is always great for lighting but as the sun sets, darkness looms and you can’t see if your eyeshadow is blended enough or if your brows have been filled correctly. That’s where this baby comes in. 

Make up done. Clip it onto your phone. Take a picture. 😎

L.A Girl – PRO Conceal Concealers/Correctors

I’ll be honest, I saw all the YouTubers raving about this so I jumped on the bandwagon to join in the fun. 

I have a correcting palette by Kryolan but it never hurts to add to your collection. Right? 😬

I bought the correcting concealer in orange for pigmentation/dark circles and the green concealer for redness. I also wanted a normal concealer for my under eyes so went with Light Ivory. A lot of people use these concealers for contouring and highlighting but I was more concerned about their concealing factor! 

So let’s begin with the concealer. It is meant to be a dupe for the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I’m not sure I would call it a dupe though. I’ve used the MAC concealer before and there are quite a few differences, one of them being the consistency. MAC is more of a liquid concealer whereas this is more creamy. 

I rarely buy a foundation/concealer online because it is so difficult to go in blind and try to establish the right shade for your skin tone but I decided to be brave and after looking at the swatches, I went for Light Ivory. 

The colour turned out to be darker than what I was expecting but as I blended it out it wasn’t as noticeable. Did it cover my dark circles? I’ll be frank – my circles aren’t bad and it struggled to cover them. I suppose you can build coverage but the initial coverage was quite sheer even though the concealer has a creamy consistency. I used a damp sponge to work it into my skin and it blended in nicely. I was concerned it would crease or fade and it didn’t, which was a nice surprise.

Finally, I just want to mention the applicator. I know many have complained about it being unhygienic but my issue was with the excessive amount of product that emerges after a light squeeze. I found that frustrating – more so with the correctors, as you only need a small amount. 

Would I buy it again? No. It’s a good concealer for youthful eyes that require very little help in the under eye department. I wouldn’t buy this if you’re wanting to cover dark circles! 

On to the Green Colour Corrector, which is a light green and if too much is applied, it’s difficult to blend out. You only need a very small amount and I mean tiny, as this bad boy is quite pigmented. Like I said before, you have to squeeze the tube quite gently to get the desired amount. However, once blended and foundation is applied on top, it really does help to alleviate redness. 

Lastly, the Orange Corrector, which helps with covering dark circles. I need to point out that this corrector is most suited to those with medium to dark skin. If you do have fair skin, you need to go for a corrector that is pink/peach in colour. I’ve recently learnt that LA Girl are now selling a peach corrector for lighter skin tones.

This is very pigmented so, once again, a tiny amount is sufficient to cover dark circles/hyper pigmentation. The correctors are also quite creamy and easy to blend which helps with application. 

The correctors are brilliant – especially being so inexpensive. Plus you can pick and choose what shade you want as opposed to buying an expensive palette of colours, in which most shades are useless to you. 

The concealer on the other hand was more ‘you-get-what-you-pay-for’. If you’re after light coverage, then this will work for you. 


Sigma – E06 Brush

Technically, it’s an eyeliner brush but I have also been using it as a brow brush to draw in hair that doesn’t exist. Over-plucking as a teenager was the biggest mistake I ever made. (Were pencil thin eyebrows ever in fashion? πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆ) 

Back to the E06 – it’s a small angled brush that’s designed to give you ‘precise control’ for winged liner. 

I think if you struggle with liner – this brush is brilliant at making the whole process of application less stressful! I found it very easy to use and is becoming one of my favourite brushes to apply liner with. 

The tiny brush allows you to create a thinner line which is perfect for smaller eyes. 

I find it works best with a gel liner although I have used it with powder without any issues. 

All in all, it’s a great brush, especially for beginners. 

I bought mine from Cultbeauty.com for Β£11.25. 

Picture credit : activeskin.com.au