What is the key to a flawless finish?

The secret is to hold the brush nearer to the end. This allows you to apply light pressure which creates the whole diffused, blended look. 

You will naturally apply more pressure if you hold your brush like a pencil which can result in blotchy patches that are difficult to blend. 

🔑 They key to blending is a light hand and the key to a light hand is where you position your hand on your brush. 


Sigma – E25 Blending Brush

This brush is for ‘controlled’ blending, in particular the crease. It works really well for small eyes/lids. I also have the Real Techniques blending brush but I find it can be too big so this works better for those smaller areas. 

One of the reasons I bought this brush was because its a well-known ‘dupe’ of the popular MAC 217 brush. I wanted to see if it lived up to all the good reviews! 

It did. 

I find this brush so versatile. You can use it to sweep colour all over your lid. You can also use it to apply directly to the crease and blend. It’s one of those brushes I would take with me if I am going away, as it does 3 jobs in one. 

The bristles aren’t scratchy and it keeps its shape after washing. Sigma brushes are not as expensive as MAC (half the price) but that doesn’t mean they lack in quality. They’re good quality brushes at an affordable price. I paid £10 for it on beautybay.com

If you don’t want to buy lots of brushes or pay an extortionate amount for a brush, this, really is, one you should consider.