Tarte – Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara Review

I have never truly committed to any particular mascara. I’m always after the next best thing. The problem is – I just can’t find a mascara that wows me. 

I really wanted this to be my ‘holy grail’ mascara but it’s left me feeling somewhat disappointed. 

I’m a sucker for makeup that looks good. This stood out. I like the gold packaging. It’s different. 

Moving on to the unusual brush -there are two sides of the brush that you use. The ‘number 1’ side is used to give your lashes some volume and ‘number 2’ is there to lengthen and separate. 

I enjoyed and still enjoy using the first side of the brush. It separates my lashes and lengthens them, however the second side is useless. It clumps and it’s clumps horribly. You can’t just layer on your mascara, which I love to do. The bristles on the brush are so long and so spaced out. It does nothing for my lashes. The shape of the brush makes it extremely difficult to coat my lower lashes without causing a mess underneath.

It doesn’t end there. If I’m going to vent, I might as well let it all out. 😬The curl of the lashes does not last. A few hours is all it takes for my lashes to drop and it smudges more often than not. 

What makes me laugh is that the product description states it will increase lash volume by 752%. Seriously? Who writes this stuff?

Would I buy this again? No. It just didn’t work for me. 

The search continues…


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