Skincare Products Review 

Let’s start with the BOTANICS HYDRATION BURST HYDRATING DAY CREAM. The name is a bit misleading. This is a gel, not a cream. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t have the extra power to keep my skin moist throughout the day. It isn’t greasy and sinks into the skin quickly. It’s gentle and would be great for anyone with normal to dry/sensitive skin. If your skin is quite dehydrated, this probably isn’t the right cream for you. 

NIVEA SOOTHING TONER – a lot of toners can strip your skin of moisture and dry your skin further. This didn’t. It also didn’t irritate my skin. The almond and castor oil help with keeping skin soft and moisturised. It’s a good, basic inexpensive toner for anyone with sensitive/dry skin. 

BOTANICS HYDRATION BURST 3 IN 1 MICELLAR CLEANSER – I absolutely love this. No need to use my waterproof eye makeup remover separately. This removes all makeup with ease. It’s gentle on the eyes. Micellar water cleansers have been quite popular recently. I can see why. My skin feels so refreshed after removing my makeup and thankfully not dry or tight. 

I have just started to use BOTANICS ORGANIC HYDRATING DAY CREAM after reading many positive reviews and although I’ve only just begun my journey with this cream, I am extremely happy with it. My skin has been feeling so soft this week and ‘those bumps’ I keep going on about have reduced even further. I am always excited a week in – the true test is in the coming weeks. 🤞

Lastly, another product I have just started to use is the BOTANICS ORGANIC ROSEWATER TONING SPRITZ. Guys, this product only has 5 ingredients. That’s impressive. I love the fact it’s a spray. You can either spray it directly onto your face or onto a cotton pad. It’s refreshing but I’m not going to form an opinion yet as I feel this might not be as gentle as my skin would like. Only time will tell. 

As always – I will keep you in the loop. 


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