How To Spot Fake Makeup

What’s pushed me to write this post is the increasing number of Facebook pages selling fake high-end makeup for ridiculously low prices. It infuriates me that people are being made to believe these products are the real deal. I’m not going to name and shame but I’m going to tell you guys how to establish the real from the fake. 9 times out of 10 these deals are phony. In your heart of hearts you probably already know. Trust that feeling. Trust your gut. 

These ‘offers’ might sound like a great deal but seriously guys, it’s not worth it. These products are usually made in dirty factories. Products have been known to contain urine, YES, URINE – but that’s not all. There have been traces of lead, rat poison and cyanide found in some products. It’s crazy. These products will be going onto your face leaving your skin open to horrible reactions. These people do not care about whether their products are SAFE or not. It’s all about making money. 

The way to remember is thinking about the three P’s. 

1. Packaging – inspect the packaging. Does the font look different? Is the packaging good quality? Sometimes fake palettes come with sponge tipped applicators. These are fake. A high end product would not come with these applicators. Does the product fit properly in the box? Is the product labeled correctly? 

2. PRICE – fake products usually get sold in bulk. So, for example, if you see Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes at a quarter of the price and you can see there are 50 others available too, alarm bells should start ringing. 

3. POINT OF SALE – So many people opt to buy makeup online, which is fine but if you’re not buying from an authorised seller such as the brand itself or any other certified online department store, how do you know what you’re buying is genuine? If you see a deal on EBay or Amazon, check the reviews and see what others say as they’re notorious for having these sellers floating about. Check to see how reliable the seller is. I would definitely be wary of the Facebook pages trying to sell a whole load of products that most people struggle to get hold of, as the products are out of stock on the brand site. I’m referring to the Kylie Lip Kits. Makes you think doesn’t it? 

They’re the main points but if you have the product in front of you – the best way is to swatch like crazy. Most fakes will be poor in terms of pigmentation. The colours will swipe on chalky or faint. Brushes will be rough to the touch. Some can have a strong smell of chemicals. 

I admit, I look at some fakes and I think they look blooming good – you can barely tell the difference. Look closer – there will be. You just need to know what you’re looking for. My personal advice is to only buy makeup from authorised websites or certified stores. If you wish to buy from anywhere else, make sure you research well. 

SHARE this with your friends. It’s important we ALL know what to look out for. 


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