Inglot – Matte Lipstick 405 Review

I chose this because the sales lady said this was one of their best sellers so I was eager to try it. I fell in love with the colour. 

Firstly I want to say I love Inglot’s lipstick packaging. They’re not an expensive brand but their packaging screams ‘quality’. It’s not a cheap bit of plastic. It’s glossy, it’s black, it’s chic AND the lid clicks into place. I really hate it when a lid comes off easily. Those lipsticks need to stay away from handbags. 

I think this is one of those colours that would suit most skin tones. It’s a ‘safe’ shade to go for. It’s an everyday colour. If your skin tone is medium to dark, then you’re looking at more of a nude/natural finish. 

If, like me, you suffer from dry lips, then ensure you exfoliate prior to popping this on as it will just catch those dry bits and make them stand out. Not a good look. 

It is extremely pigmented but it just doesn’t last as long as I would like. The colour starts to fade where your lips meet. Maybe I lick my lips too much but eating and drinking only adds to the problem. I suppose you can keep it in your handbag and touch up as and when but I’m lazy. I want my lipstick to last that bit longer. Mine started to fade within an hour of wearing it.

Once it’s on, it doesn’t dry out your lips like some other matte lipsticks do. It contains Vitamin E, Macadamia Oil and Avocado Oil, which are obviously meant to help in that department, however I found I had to wear a balm prior to application.

It’s a budget friendly lipstick for everyday wear but be prepared to reapply. 


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