Anastasia Beverly Hill – Brow Wiz Review

I’m going to cut to the chase guys – this product is great BUT moreso for us ladies with brows that are so light, they’re barely visible and have gaps that need filling. It really gives you an effortlessly natural look. I bought the pencil in Taupe and I feel it’s the best colour for my brows. 

The pencil comes with a spoolie which is brilliant for blending out any harsh lines. It doesn’t need sharpening – it’s a retractable pencil so you just twist to get more! 

It’s not overly pigmented but I think that’s the beauty of it. I don’t want this to be as pigmented as a creamy eyeliner pencil. The purpose is to create natural looking hairs by drawing them in, plain and simple. This allows you to do that without having to be an expert. It’s a great pencil for beginners. 

The downside, I suppose, is the price. It is expensive but it IS Anastasia Beverly Hills. This brand knows it’s brows. 
Overall – it’s a great buy and well worth the money.


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