Huda Beauty Textured Shadows or Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance Palette?

To buy or not to buy? That is the question. 🤔

Both palettes are so pretty to look at and have similar colours. Those pinkish and reddish tones are stunning. 😍 Granted – those colours are not everyone’s cup of tea but I think there are so many looks that can be created using the different shades. 

As you know, before I buy makeup, (majority of the time) I read reviews like crazy. To break it down, the general consensus seems to be that Huda has better colour options but ABH beats her, hands down, with the quality of her eyeshadows.

ABH has more matte shades, 11 to be precise and 3 shimmery shades. Huda has 10 matte shades, 2 pearl shades and 6 of those ‘3D Metal’ shades. 

Most reviewers felt the Huda palette is more exciting in terms of variety and felt the ABH palette was somewhat uninspiring. However, there were many reviews commenting on the lack of pigmentation of Huda’s matte shades and how you are only able to apply the metal shades with your fingers. A top blogger mentioned some of the metal shades creased quite badly. 

Watch this space. I’ll be making my decision soon. 

Have you bought either of these palettes? Share your thoughts. 

Help. Me. Decide. 🙏❤️


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