L.A Girl – PRO Conceal Concealers/Correctors

I’ll be honest, I saw all the YouTubers raving about this so I jumped on the bandwagon to join in the fun. 

I have a correcting palette by Kryolan but it never hurts to add to your collection. Right? 😬

I bought the correcting concealer in orange for pigmentation/dark circles and the green concealer for redness. I also wanted a normal concealer for my under eyes so went with Light Ivory. A lot of people use these concealers for contouring and highlighting but I was more concerned about their concealing factor! 

So let’s begin with the concealer. It is meant to be a dupe for the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I’m not sure I would call it a dupe though. I’ve used the MAC concealer before and there are quite a few differences, one of them being the consistency. MAC is more of a liquid concealer whereas this is more creamy. 

I rarely buy a foundation/concealer online because it is so difficult to go in blind and try to establish the right shade for your skin tone but I decided to be brave and after looking at the swatches, I went for Light Ivory. 

The colour turned out to be darker than what I was expecting but as I blended it out it wasn’t as noticeable. Did it cover my dark circles? I’ll be frank – my circles aren’t bad and it struggled to cover them. I suppose you can build coverage but the initial coverage was quite sheer even though the concealer has a creamy consistency. I used a damp sponge to work it into my skin and it blended in nicely. I was concerned it would crease or fade and it didn’t, which was a nice surprise.

Finally, I just want to mention the applicator. I know many have complained about it being unhygienic but my issue was with the excessive amount of product that emerges after a light squeeze. I found that frustrating – more so with the correctors, as you only need a small amount. 

Would I buy it again? No. It’s a good concealer for youthful eyes that require very little help in the under eye department. I wouldn’t buy this if you’re wanting to cover dark circles! 

On to the Green Colour Corrector, which is a light green and if too much is applied, it’s difficult to blend out. You only need a very small amount and I mean tiny, as this bad boy is quite pigmented. Like I said before, you have to squeeze the tube quite gently to get the desired amount. However, once blended and foundation is applied on top, it really does help to alleviate redness. 

Lastly, the Orange Corrector, which helps with covering dark circles. I need to point out that this corrector is most suited to those with medium to dark skin. If you do have fair skin, you need to go for a corrector that is pink/peach in colour. I’ve recently learnt that LA Girl are now selling a peach corrector for lighter skin tones.

This is very pigmented so, once again, a tiny amount is sufficient to cover dark circles/hyper pigmentation. The correctors are also quite creamy and easy to blend which helps with application. 

The correctors are brilliant – especially being so inexpensive. Plus you can pick and choose what shade you want as opposed to buying an expensive palette of colours, in which most shades are useless to you. 

The concealer on the other hand was more ‘you-get-what-you-pay-for’. If you’re after light coverage, then this will work for you. 



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