Sigma – E06 Brush

Technically, it’s an eyeliner brush but I have also been using it as a brow brush to draw in hair that doesn’t exist. Over-plucking as a teenager was the biggest mistake I ever made. (Were pencil thin eyebrows ever in fashion? 😳🙈) 

Back to the E06 – it’s a small angled brush that’s designed to give you ‘precise control’ for winged liner. 

I think if you struggle with liner – this brush is brilliant at making the whole process of application less stressful! I found it very easy to use and is becoming one of my favourite brushes to apply liner with. 

The tiny brush allows you to create a thinner line which is perfect for smaller eyes. 

I find it works best with a gel liner although I have used it with powder without any issues. 

All in all, it’s a great brush, especially for beginners. 

I bought mine from for £11.25. 

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