NARS – Sheer Glow Foundation

R E V I E W • 7

‘Sheer’ was the main reason I bought this. I fancied something light I could wear on a daily basis. Although this isn’t heavy, it’s not sheer either. I suppose you could make it sheer by adding a little moisturiser to it but on its own it will give light to medium coverage. 

It’s advertised to hydrate your skin – the formula apparently improves your skin’s texture and brightens your complexion. It felt and looked natural on my skin. I was able to blend it easily. It didn’t leave me with a glow though – more a semi-matte/slight dewy finish. But for that reason, I chose to skip powder. 

It doesn’t do very well in the heat. I would say it lasted for about 4-5 hours before it started to fade. 

I feel the name is misleading. ‘Sheer’ and ‘Glow’ are two words I would not use to describe it. Maybe it’s just me. Considering I spent over £30 on it – I’m expecting it to do what it ‘says on the tin’!

While I’m having a little rant, I’ll add that they do not provide a pump. I can’t tell you how annoying it is when it comes to using it. I dread wasting it – as you have to pour it out. If you do want a pump, you’ll have to pay extra for it. That makes no sense to me – it’s a high-end product. It should come with a pump. 

This is catered for anyone with normal to dry skin. I don’t think I would recommend this to anyone with oily skin due to the dewy finish. 

I’ll end on a high note and it’s one of the things I love about NARS and that’s their colour selection ranging from fair to dark skin tones. You will easily find a shade that’s suited to you. 

Overall – it’s a good foundation for light coverage but not very long lasting. I don’t think I would buy it again I’m afraid. 


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