Rimmel – Lasting Finish Foundation

R E V I E W • 6

I actually bought this in a rush. We were going on holiday and I needed something easy to pop into my makeup bag. I didn’t read the reviews beforehand so wasn’t sure what to expect but reading that it’s sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof – I knew I had to buy it. Oh and they claim it stays on for 25 hours. Now this is a tube full of promises! 

Now, as much as I love makeup, I love my skin just a little bit more. I wasn’t about to keep it on for that long. I doubt anyone would. I get it – it’s long lasting but 25 hours Rimmel? Really? 😑

It’s provides medium to full coverage. I remember my skin being quite angry and I needed something to cover up my imperfections! This did that and I felt it made my skin look flawless. I actually didn’t even bother with concealer. I used a sponge to get the best quality finish. You’ll need to set it with powder, as it felt a little sticky and shiny. Nothing that powder can’t fix! 

This foundation seemed to get better as the day went on. At first it felt like it was sitting on my skin but as the day progressed it melted into my skin -in a good way! 

I was afraid it would cling to my dry patches but surprisingly it didn’t. It was able to withstand the heat and humidity. I didn’t feel as if my makeup was melting off, however in hindsight it was probably not the best choice to take on holiday. I prefer to wear light foundations or a BB cream when I’m away – sometimes I’ll let my skin breathe and wear nothing apart from sunscreen. Your skin needs a holiday too! 

It lasts long. Not sure about 25 hours but it lasts the whole day. That’s one of the things that really impressed me. Remember, it’s a highstreet foundation yet has a lot of high end qualities. 

It’s worth the money but the colour options are poor for darker skin tones. Sigh. Come on Rimmel! 

⚠️They’ve since changed the packaging to a glass bottle (I have the plastic tube).


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