NARS Blush – Orgasm

R E V I E W • 4

Sorry for the late review guys – it’s been a crazy day! 

Is this the most over-rated blusher ever? This was the thought running through my mind as I contemplated parting with my money for this popular, shimmery sensation. 

I suppose I do need to warn those who prefer a matte blush to steer clear of this one. Me? I love blushers with a bit of sparkle and that’s exactly what this is. It’s a perfect peachy-pink with a golden shimmer. It’s sheer but it’s advertised to be exactly that. You only require a small amount for a natural, flushed look. If it is too much shimmer for you, it can always be worn in the evening for a gorgeous glow. 

If you like applying highlighter after your blush, you can pretty much skip that step as this highlights your cheeks beautifully. I personally think this would suit most skin tones – fair skin tones get a natural flushed look and medium to dark skin tones get a bit of warmth and a subtle glow. 

I just want to talk about NARS packaging – I mean, why? Seriously, it’s like black rubber – so anything sticks to it and it just looks awful. Sigh. 

I paid £23 (around 130 QAR) from the UK. I think it would be a bit more in Sephora (here in Qatar).

So the million dollar question is – is it worth the money? In one word; no! 

Sometimes I feel we are paying more for the name than we are the product. So much hype over this blush and although I absolutely love it, I feel you are able to get so many similar blushers at more affordable prices. ‘Coralista’ from Benefit is a similar shade (although more peachy than pink) and Sleek has a shade called ‘Rose Gold’ which is similar although it is a tad more peachy. Milani has a very similar shade called ‘Luminous’. These are to name but a few but there are loads out there. 

All in all – a lovely shade but a lot of similar products out there if you don’t fancy spending too much. 


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