Sleek – Matte Me Liquid Lipstick Review (Birthday Suit and Petal)

I want to talk about Birthday Suit first as this was the one I preferred out the two. This is an extremely popular colour out of the shade range. I, for one, liked the colour. The applicator is a bit of a pain but I managed to apply the lipstick without too much trouble. It’s pigmented so you don’t have to reapply. It’s relatively long lasting.

However, someone reviewing it described it drying like cement on your lips and I completely understand that statement. Not a good feeling AT ALL. I know I always say this but I am not a big fan of mattes (this is my new catchphrase 🙈) but I am always open to trying out new lipsticks as long as they look and FEEL good. I made an effort to exfoliate and moisturise before I applied but it didn’t change that horrible feeling once it had dried (which was pretty quick by the way). During the day, the colour started to crack which looked ghastly. You can’t even reapply as it results in a patchy mess. You have to wipe off the excess and reapply! What a nightmare. 
Saying that, removing it completely isn’t simple but I expected that. You just need to ensure you use an oil based makeup remover. I just felt uncomfortable wearing it and it’s a shame because that colour is beautiful. 

Moving onto Petal and what a disaster that was. I loved the shade when I swatched it on my hand which seemed like a dusky pink, however it dries a little bright and it was too much for me and my pale skin. The end result was patchy which was strange as I didn’t have that issue with Birthday Suit. The formula seems different. Oh and do not attempt to rub your lips with this one (which is a bad habit of mine) – the middle part of my lips were left bare. This was pretty much straight after it had dried. 

A bit of a disaster – won’t be buying again. 


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