NARS Lipstick – Barbarella (Sheer)

I know this isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea as the colour is very sheer. It’s more of a mix between a gloss and lipstick with a slight hint of colour.(I did have to swipe a few times to get that swatch colour).

However this goes beyond a lipstick/gloss, it also works to hydrate your lips. It feels like a balm. It’s enriched with Vitamin E which helps protect and moisturise your lips. I could really feel a difference throughout the day. Plus it’s so easy to apply. No mirror necessary – just swipe and go! 

It’s advertised as long lasting but I don’t agree with that but topping up isn’t a problem. For me, the colour is perfect. It’s a touch of peach on the lips to bring them to life and at the same time making sure they’re being looked after. 

Thumbs up from me.

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