Morphe – Brow Palette

This is a palette of six brow powders, one setting wax and a concealer to clean up the brows. As you can see I’ve been using a few already. 🙈👀

The colours are highly pigmented so keep a light hand when swiping your brush on the powder. The colour goes on smoothly – I just found it so easy to work with. 

You can combine the colours so I tend to go for the lighter brown at the start of my brow gradually getting darker. It’s easy to achieve a natural look. 

I love the setting wax – only because my brows just slide back down after brushing them up. The wax is brilliant – I pop the wax on and brush into place. It then makes defining and filling a lot easier. I do have to swipe over my ABH brow gel at the end but I’m a creature of habit. 

The concealer was too dark for me. No surprises there but that wasn’t really an issue for me. I like the idea though. Powder, wax and concealer. Your whole brow routine in one palette. 

Im not sure this would appeal to everyone – as its a palette. Unfortunately, you can’t buy the colours individually. 

….but for 12 pounds guys it’s definitely worth buying the palette. I love it and would definitely buy it again. 

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