MUA Lipsticks Review(Shade 1 and Fawn Fancy)

I had done my research before buying these lipsticks so I knew these colours were popular. 

Let’s start with the fact they are a bargain. I mean – a pound. That’s around 5 Riyals. I’m not sure they would sell for that much here in Doha though. πŸ™„ I got mine from Superdrugs online in the UK. 

The lipstick has a little pot at the bottom which can be unscrewed. Guess what’s inside? Yes, more lipstick. It’s good if you like applying lipstick with a lip brush. I liked that extra touch. 

Let’s talk about Shade 1. Wow guys – this is creamy, pigmented and easy to apply. Just a quick swipe to get a fantastic pop of colour on the lips. The cherry colour looks great on pale skin but it would suit most skin tones. Durability is the only factor here. It last two to three hours but for the price – that’s pretty good. When it does start to wear off, it leaves a stain on the lips. Good quality lipstick. 

Let’s move on to the matte shade (Fancy Fawn) but I use that term ‘matte’ loosely as there was a slight shine to it albeit not as creamy and shiny as Shade 1. As you know I’m not a big lover of matte shades – only because I have dry lips and it just highlights the problem so this was perfect. I liked the brown, nude colour. As I’ve said before it’s a dupe for MAC’s Velvet Teddy although I think Fancy Fawn is lighter. The only real flaw with this lipstick is the pigmentation. You really have to layer on several coats to achieve the colour you see in the picture. If you have dry lips like me, then definitely exfoliate and moisturise before applying. 

This isn’t a colour that will suit all skin tones – better for pale to light skin. That’s down to poor pigmentation. 

When you’re paying a pound you can’t expect miracles. Shade 1 was great and Fancy Fawn was okay if you’re looking for a light nude – you just have to layer it on. 

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