Real Techniques – Deep Cleansing Gel

I absolutely hate washing my makeup brushes. I find it a huge chore. I was looking for a product that would help me clean my brushes quickly and effectively.

I didn’t read the reviews before ordering this – I just assumed it would be a top quality product, like their brushes. 

Moral of the story: never assume. 🙈

I started with my bigger powder brushes. I followed the instructions (dampen the brush, pop a bit of gel onto the brush, rub and wash) even with the help of my new cleaning mat, those bristles remained dirty. I reapplied, washed and still no luck. 

In an effort to reassure myself this was money well spent, I attempted the smaller brushes. It seemed to work well until I went for my foundation brushes. Oh dear – this is where the ‘party’ truly ended. After three attempts of washing, ‘gelling’ and scrubbing – I gave up. Although it removed a little of the foundation, a lot of it was still left on the brush.

I reverted to using my gentle baby soap. One swipe of the soap, a little rub on the mat and hey presto, my brush was clean. I did the remainder of the brushes with my trusted soap bar and honestly, my brushes were done within minutes. 

Such a disappointment. I was expecting a ‘deep clean’ but it was much more of a surface clean. It seemed to work better for my detail/eye brushes (as they are smaller) but that’s just not good enough. 

Thumbs down I’m afraid. 👎

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