Sephora – Smoothing Primer -review

base-lissante.640.27022.jpgThis primer has a gel like consistency. It’s transparent and comes in a small bottle which will last you a while seeing as you don’t need a great deal of product for this to work.
When I say ‘work’, I use the term rather loosely. Maybe that’s a little harsh but let’s start talking about the positives. It glides on easily and my skin looks less shiny instantly. My pores are covered leaving a smooth surface for me to work on. I do have to leave it for a minute for the primer to set otherwise the foundation and primer start to mix and that’s a no-no! Once dry, my foundation glides over beautifully and I am left with a gorgeous, SMOOTH finish.
What doesn’t work then? Well, the job of a primer is not only to improve the appearance of your foundation but to lengthen the time the makeup is on your face. That is where this primer fails miserably. A few hours later, my concealer is fading and my foundation doesn’t look as great as it did when I first applied it.
It’s such a shame because the results are positively brilliant when you first apply. The longevity issues let it down and for that reason, I won’t be buying it again. There are cheaper alternatives that will do a better job.
Have you used this primer? Share your thoughts – I would love to know.
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