Sephora – Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

I was using the Lancôme eye makeup remover so I was looking for something on the same level. The Lancôme makeup remover is good, however it’s pricey and due to the company’s strong links to Israel, I will no longer be buying from them.

So I decided to go with Sephora’s waterproof eye makeup remover and I was honestly amazed at how good this product is. Minimal effort required and one single swipe removed most of my eye makeup! Only took a few more swipes to be makeup free (eyes only). A little rubbing is necessary to remove the final bits of makeup.

I always worry when trying on new products as my skin and eyes are sensitive. I had no issues with this formula at all. It works well for contact wearers too.

At first the small hole at the top annoyed me – as you can only get a small amount of product out but I suppose it’s better this way – you can control the amount going onto the cotton pad.

I bought the smaller, travel size bottle for 18QAR and will definitely be going back to buy the bigger bottle. This ones a keeper!

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