Makeup Forever 11 Foundation Palette

My husband nearly fainted when I said I spent 500 QAR on this palette. But, for me, it was a must-have and well worth it. You receive 10 foundation shades and one white foundation which is used for lightening shades to colour match.

The colours are buildable so you can go from sheer to full coverage in minutes! You can also use this as a concealer. It has a thick, creamy texture and can feel quite heavy when going for fuller coverage. I suggest using a damp sponge to apply – it will help with blending the colour and creating a smooth finish. Using a brush just does not have the same effect. The finish isn’t shiny yet I feel a setting powder is needed to lock the foundation in place.

The coverage is great – it really does hide imperfections and evens out skin tone.

I would not recommend this to anyone with acne prone/problem skin – more suited to dry/normal skin. If you like your full coverage foundations – then this is definitely one to consider. It can really withstand the heat, which is great as Summer is fast approaching!

If you’re wondering why you would need an 11 shade palette, the answer is you don’t. You can buy each of these colours individually from Sephora. It’s called ‘Pan Stick Foundation’. If you wish to buy the palette, then you would need to go to the Makeup Forever store in Gulf Mall (Doha).

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