Different methods of applying foundation

foundation1) Fingers – ensure fingers are clean before applying! Common sense, I know! The warmth of your fingers makes it easier to blend the foundation. To be honest, this is my preferred method (if applying makeup on my own face) and then blending it further with a sponge.

2) Makeup sponge – it doesn’t have to be a beauty blender, it can just be a regular makeup sponge! Okay – so dampen the sponge before you use it and softly dab the foundation on the face allowing the sponge to do the work. Try not to drag the sponge. Remember not to put the foundation straight onto the sponge, as it will soak it up. Pop some on the back of your hand first. Makeup sponges LOVE bacteria so need to be regularly washed.

3) Foundation brush – pop some foundation on the back of your hand and then use your brush to apply short strokes on your face. If you can see lines where the foundation hasn’t been blended, use the brush to pat the colour in. This brush works well with light coverage foundations.

4) Stippling brush – This brush can leave you with a lovely airbrushed look. The trick is to use in light circular motions across your face. No pressure needed. Allow the bristles to blend in the colour.
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