Corrective Concealers

Corrective concealers can be quite daunting at first but if used correctly, they can work wonders! They can hide dark circles/ blemishes/redness and brighten sallow/dull skin. They are used underneath your normal concealer and foundation.

Most important point to understand is that not everyone needs them. If your foundation and normal concealer are doing their job, then there is absolutely no need to add something more to your makeup routine. However, if they’re not, then these concealers can do the job!

So let’s see what each colour can do:

GREEN neutralises redness on the face such as acne, rosacea and scars.

LAVENDER conceals anything yellow such as sallowness or acne scars.

YELLOW helps to even out skin tone overall but can also be used to hide purple toned dark under eye circles.

PINK OR SALMON can be used for darker skin where under eye circles have a blue/green tint to them.

Happy correcting!


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