Benefit – Erase Paste

I had read mixed reviews about this before I bought it. I tried on both the Boing concealer and the Erase Paste and opted for the latter.

Boing, for me, was clinging to my dry patches like nobody’s business! Not a good look. Erase Paste is a thick, creamy concealer. The texture is somewhat ‘gloopy’. It’s there to conceal and brighten.

Application takes a bit of getting used to. You only need a very small amount, which needs to be blended in well – I envisage this pot lasting me a while. I liked the creaminess of it and when applied, it felt like it was moisturising my under eyes. However, I’m not sure this is the concealer I would turn to for hiding dark circles. The way in which I use this product is to apply this first and then pop on another lighter concealer on top.

Bad points? Unfortunately, there are some. This concealer only comes in three shades and I feel the lightest shade is still a little too dark for me. I can’t see this being any more than an under eye concealer. The brightening element makes me reluctant to use it for any blemishes. I do not want to draw any attention to my flaws!

This concealer is going to get ‘cakey’ if you start applying too much plus it was creasing after a while.

My tip would be to use your ring finger to apply as opposed to a brush. Better results that way.

A reasonable concealer but they need more shades.


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