Brow Trouble!

My brows are a complete and utter nightmare. The hair falls downwards and it has always been a nightmare trying to find the right product to keep them in place for the whole day. I use Anastasia’s brilliant Brow Mascara but I don’t use it like most people.

I apply the mascara before I apply any brow powder or cream. I do this to get the hair to stay in place otherwise they lose their shape almost immediately and I am constantly brushing through with a spoolie. Once the brow mascara has dried, I start filling in and shaping my brows. I finish it off by brushing through my brows with the ABH brow mascara.

It might seem long winded but it is definitely better than the alternative. So if you have brows that don’t like doing as they’re told, try this. You can always spray some hairspray onto an old mascara wand if you want to create your own brow mascara.

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