Sleek – Contour Palette Review

Comes with a contour shade, highlighter and blusher. Available in three shades. I’m reviewing the light kit.

Argh. I really wanted to like this thinking I may have found a drugstore brand which does a great contour kit but, for me, this was such a let down.


I tell you why – I found the contour shade extremely difficult to blend. You really have to work at it. But even then it feels like hard work. It’s quite pigmented so start off slow and build the colour.

The highlighter is more glittery than shimmery if that makes sense. I prefer a subtle shimmer when it comes to highlighting so that might just come down to preference.

The blush wasn’t pigmented enough. If you like your shimmery blushers – then this is for you. I just felt that the shine from the blush was overtaking the shine from the highlighter and that didn’t work for me.


All in all – a huge disappointment. I do realise I am of the minority, as this has proven to be very popular with most people.

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